And this motivations push mobile daters to ghost? (RQ1)

And this motivations push mobile daters to ghost? (RQ1)

Again, respondents was basically given the expression ghosting and you may asked to help you mean how often respondents ghosted most other relationship software pages (Yards = dos.17, SD = step 1.59) as well as how have a tendency to they think almost every other dating application profiles ghost (Meters = 3.51, SD = 0.88) towards the a scale between 0 = Never to 5 = That frequently.

Face-to-deal with contact

Participants (n = 211) shown whether or not they watched the person who ghosted him or her face-to-face that have address classes no (0) and you may yes (1; 52.1%).

Time of contact

Participants (letter = 211) shown along the latest contact until the other person ghosted with address categories (1) two circumstances otherwise reduced (letter = 9), (2) 1 day (n = 9), (3) a short time (letter = 26), (4) weekly (n = 32), (5) a few weeks (n = 77), (6) 1 month (n = 25), (7) a few months (letter = 27), (8) half a year so you can a year (letter = 4), (9) longer than a year (letter = 2) (Meters = 4.77; SD = step 1.62).

Intensity of the new get in touch with

The newest concentration of the fresh new contact was mentioned playing with a measure starting in one = really periodically so you’re able to eight = extremely intense (letter = 211; Yards = cuatro.98; SD = 1.42).

Level of intimate closeness

A beneficial categorical varying was applied to measure amount of sexual intimacy having answers ranging from none (n = 136), lighter (we.e., making out and you may intimate coming in contact with, letter = 25) and major (we.elizabeth., oral, vaginal or anal sex, n = 47). Three respondents failed to must show this information.

Span ticket

Two items from Afifi and Metts’s (1998) violated expectedness scale were used to measure whether the respondents (n = 208) expected the ghosting to occur (1 = completely expected; 7 = not at all expected; M = 5.50; SD = 1.67) and how surprised they were that the ghosting occurred (1 = not at all surprised; 7 = very surprised; M = 5.38; SD = 1.70). These items were highly correlated (Pearson’s r = .69; p < .001) and had good reliability (Cronbach's ? = .82; M = 5.44; SD = 1.55).


Respondents (n = 207) rated exactly how incredibly dull its ghosting sense was (anywhere between 0 = definitely not terrifically boring in order to ten = really dull; Yards = six.03; SD = 2.67).


Due to the fact discussed about approach point, to the earliest lookup concern, i made use of thematic research to recognize emergent themes associated with causes as to why mobile daters ghost. These were formulated by the a logistic regression research in which we examined things forecasting having ghosted anybody else to the relationships applications when you look at the buy to resolve the original two hypotheses. Also, into next search concern, we put thematic analysis to identify different consequences regarding ghosting while the certain coping systems of ghostees. Once more, this type of qualitative findings had been with a decimal regression data so you’re able to take to hypotheses pertaining to facts leading to experiencing ghosting as more terrifically boring.

To completely know motives so you’re able to ghost, i basic asked ghostees (letter = 217) so you’re able to elaborate on the why it think they were ghosted, and this i after that in comparison with ghosters’ (letter = 142) reasons why you should ghost other people. Getting ghostees, about three fundamental themes emerged that describe as to the reasons they imagine these were ghosted while the said lower than.

Blame into the other (ghoster)

A fairly higher ratio of those who have been ghosted (n = 128; 59%) attributed the other person having ghosting him or her. It thought the new ghoster try chatting with, relationships, or even in a love with anyone else (letter = 60); they revealed the fresh new ghoster since an individual who had “issues” and thus cannot invest in the newest matchmaking relationships at this time (n = 43). Several respondents together with expressed its rage by meetmindful outlining the fresh new ghoster given that someone who was childish, cowardly, lazy, impolite, otherwise disrespectful having ghosting them (n = 29). Ultimately, particular participants revealed that the fresh ghoster is don’t curious otherwise too busy (n = 27).

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